Your Brand

personal branding
Examples of business cards made by Strut Your Stuff – including our own!

Personal Branding

Faye works together with others to create your personal brand. She provides the first step and helps you make your personal brand profile so you can be ready for our designer or your own. Or for making your own publicity material. A brand profile…

  • describes how you want to be seen
  • focuses on your life mission
  • and, perhaps more importantly, defines where your heart lies

You can use this profile, which doesn’t change, as a checklist for any of your promotional material. This service is very useful for freelancers, especially for websites. It is also very helpful in creating a C.V. that is aligned with your dream job.

For more information on branding see our joint website Strut Your Stuff.

Faye on branding – an article for astrologers that appeared in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.