Astrology services

Example of a personal horoscope

Faye has many years of experience in astrology so she is skilled in many astrological techniques. For more information on Faye’s background see

Types of Sessions

…more discussions than readings as your input is really important!

Personal horoscope reading – A normal astrological reading takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and it may be recorded if required. This usually covers any specific questions you have and a basic chart reading. It also provides a look at the year ahead for present and upcoming themes. This session can cover any life area such as job, vocation, relationships, children, family…
Many clients return each year to gain a focus for the year ahead. But many come more frequently to gain insight into a particular issue.

Updates for the coming year based on your horoscope. This helps you to understand and make use of the current themes.

Short reading –  a 15 minute reading discussing a question you might be struggling with.

Astromapping – questions regarding places – see the ‘Where in the world‘ page.

Relationship reading – a session to give insight into relationship patterns and issues. There are many techniques for looking at relationships. Please note that Faye cannot offer relationship readings for anyone over the age of 12 without their permission if they are not present. This is a condition of the code of ethics of her professional groups.  See the ‘Relationships‘ page for more information.

What you need to do to make an appointment:

Find your date, time and place of birth – even without a birth time, astrology can be very useful. In some countries such as the Netherlands or Scotland, the birth time is recorded. Otherwise you need to ask your mother! Or your family. Sometimes hospitals have birth records.
Make an appointment by phone or mail. It is handy if you have a clear idea or why you want to consult an astrologer. That leads to more focus in a session. However a general reading can highlight important themes.

Call Faye at 31(0)20-6206244 or send her a mail.