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Call it what you will. Faye will use appropriate methods to help you reach your desired outcome.

Astrology is a great tool for providing insight and timing and although this can help a great deal, it may not be enough to change a stubborn pattern or an emotional block. Astrology is a ‘mental’ discipline. We can use it to explain patterns, and open up emotional issues but we need other techniques to help with emotional and physical problems. Astrology can be a great help as a diagnostic tool, and for example in career counselling, but healing the recognised blocks may need support from a trained counsellor.

Therapy helps to change patterns and gives support to release old issues and learn how to approach problems in a new way.

Faye always does an intake session for therapy sessions using the horoscope as a basis. She can and will also work without astrology if that is requested, but because it is such a useful tool for therapy, this is not her preference. She uses Inner Child Integration Therapy and Regression Therapy among other techniques. After the intake is finished, there is a verbal contract made as to how many sessions will be done. Inner Child work does not require years of therapy. It is a technique that can work very quickly. After around 5 sessions, it is possible to evaluate if the techniques are useful and helpful and then further work can be scheduled if necessary. If another type of therapy appears to be more appropriate that can always be discussed.

Clients are expected to work on problems themselves and take responsibility for their progress. A trained therapist supports this process. Faye’s clients often come for a few sessions, and once the presenting issue is clear, they stop until they feel the need for more work. After the initial few sessions, you may make any number of appointments any time. The sessions usually take around 2 hours.

The issues covered are many and varied, such as childhood trauma, later trauma, issues with children, parents or partners, both business and private. Many clients come to deal with blocks that affect their careers. Emotional issues are always present of course.

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Although Faye has a compassionate approach, this doesn’t mean that therapy is without humour! Much insight can be gained on painful issues through a good laugh. The idea for Faye behind any therapy is that you get closer to the authentic you.


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