relationships and astrology

Relationships are probably one of the main reasons that clients consult astrologers.

Astrology offers tools to look at relationships in the form of a joint chart and what is known as synastry – how you trigger each other. These horoscopes can show where the challenges may be and how they may be helped.  As a trained therapist Faye can provide an objective look at these issues and provide a safe space for any problems to be discussed together. By having the charts, the main issues can be found very quickly, as opposed to the way this has to be done in normal couples counselling.

Although most people come to an astrologer for their personal relationships, these techniques can be used to look at any connections in your life.

If you have questions regarding business partners then astrology can offer valuable advice. There are also techniques for groups. What is the dynamic in a family or a business group?  What is your role in this group?

Come together!
In any session where there is more than one person involved, it is best to have everyone present. Being a member of professional groups Faye must adhere to a Code of Ethics. This means that if you wish to discuss others, you must have their permission if they are older than 12. This is more effective anyway. However where permission cannot be obtained, it is possible to look at how a relationship affects you personally. This can be seen by what is being triggered in your own horoscope, which is very helpful.

Although relationships can be difficult, they do provide great insight into who you are. Astrology provides a framework for discussion and insight.

Card from Steve Best – Bestie Cards