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To contact Faye call 31(0)20-6206244.  Faye is also available on Zoom – please call or email to make an appointment.


Faye can also be found on social media.

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Faye and the Amsterdam School of Astrology
Den Texstraat 32 II
1017 ZB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

To make an appointment with Faye or for any information,
please call Faye or send her a mail.
Faye is also fluent in Dutch.
For more information about Faye’s experience and background  see

Faye writes a free blog post each month – see the posts and sign up for notifications at Faye’s Monthly Planet.

Faye’s rates for private sessions as at 2024

Please note – prices in countries other than the Netherlands vary – an indication is given below. Contact Faye for more details and payment methods.

Type of SessionCosts for Euro zone
Private sessions
Normal 1.5-2 hour session - astrology or therapy250 Euros
Sessions via Skype or Zoom paid before session125 Euros per hour
A block of 5 x 1-hour sessions - paid in full after the first session590 Euros
Intake session for therapy - about 30 minutesNo charge
One short question per SKYPE or zoom - paid before session30 Euros
Relationship Sessions
A session of 1.5-2 hours280 Euros
A block of 5 counselling sessions paid in full after the first session1260 Euros
Combi sessions for Freelancers
Personal and business session combined - 2 horoscopes around 2 hours310 Euros
Other countries Indication of prices due before session
Private sessions USUS$ 200 per hour
Private sessions UK£150 per hour
Private sessions AustraliaAus$ 220 per hour
Private sessions NZNZ$ 200 per hour
Private sessions CanadaCan$ 200 per hour
All sessions include preparation and any clarification after the sessionA recording can be emailed after the session.