Need Faye for a talk?

Faye Cossar lectures and talks
Faye: “A card I received – who can say why? I love the cards that John Lund designs!”

Faye has given talks for many groups. She can prepare lectures or workshops for different purposes. Anything from a fun party where she will read astro-cards, to full astrology lectures, workshops and courses. These can be lectures or workshops on a particular topic for your group, or a beginners course for a group keen to learn some basic astrology.

Popular astrology lectures

  • Introduction to astrology – what can you do with it?
  • What’s happening in the sky now and how you can use it.
  • What time is it in your life?
  • Astrology and career.
  • Women – then and now.

Please call 31(0)20-6206244 to see what might be suitable for your group and your budget.

Or mail Faye to discuss your wishes.

Faye also offers workshops and lectures for astrologers – see the Amsterdam School of Astrology