Home and Family

home-and-family-webHome and family can be a source of great happiness, but there can also be times when we need clarity on family issues.

New parents appreciate the help Faye can give by looking at a new baby’s chart or they might need to discuss something they find difficult in dealing with young children. Often parents need a neutral ear as they can tend to be bombarded with advice. Astrology can offer an objective view.

Family dynamics can be difficult. Astrology has many techniques for looking at groups or patterns in relationships. What is your role in the family? How is your relationship with your parents? Your siblings? Your children? Your mother-in-law? A horoscope has something to say on all these topics. These relationships form the basis of how you will experience your life outside the family. Understanding these patterns can be very helpful.

Your environment at home can add greatly to your life. Is  your home situation supporting your life? Does your house, and the place where you live, suit you? How would living in another country affect you. Astrology can describe the environment that nurtures you.

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